Med Spa Treatments in Cincinnati: Designing an Aesthetic Treatment Plan & the Importance of Combination Therapies

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is proud to offer some of the best medical spa technologies and treatments available in Cincinnati. Because of our expertise and experience, we are able to build custom care plans for our patients that include a variety and combination of therapies to help meet their unique needs.

Want to know how? Let’s start with the basics.

Who works at a med spa?

Given the advanced and technical nature of the treatments offered at a med spa, it makes sense that these services should only be handled by those that have extensive experience and training.

A true “medical spa” is typically staffed by medical professionals, including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other skincare specialists, also called “aestheticians.” 

For example, at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, our team consists of highly educated and trained providers with decades of medical experience, including:

  • Amy Brenner, MD FACOG, ABAARM – a gynecologist and surgeon specializing in minimally invasive gynecological surgery, cosmetic gynecology, and aesthetics
  • Jennifer Thieman, MD, FACFP – a physician Board Certified in Family Medicine, Medical Director of AB Medispa & Allergan Master Injector Certified
  • A group of highly trained and qualified Certified Nurse Practitioners
  • Educated & experienced support staff

This team all works together in a highly collaborative medical environment to not only provide you with the best experience, but also the best possible outcomes.

Looking for medical spa treatments? Here’s how to find the right medical spa for your needs

In some states, a medical spa can only legally operate if run by a licensed physician. However, medical spas in Cincinnati do not fall under this requirement. 

Therefore, you can often find med spa treatments near you offered by under-experienced or “fresh” aestheticians working in a salon or day spa. 

Treatments you should ONLY get at a medical spa under medical supervision

If you are only truly seeking a spa treatment such as a superficial facial, exfoliation, or beauty services, this requires much less knowledge about specific ingredients, skin types, and medical history and can be performed by a cosmetologist or aesthetician.

For more advanced, medical-grade treatments with lasting results, however, the experience and certifications of the provider matter. If you are interested in pursuing any of the following goals, you should first prioritize a check of the provider’s credentials:

  • Anti-aging treatments like laser resurfacing or injectables
  • Medical facials or peels for rosacea, pigment, or sun damage
  • Body contouring machines or injectables
  • Feminine rejuvenation and sexual wellness treatments

At the end of the day, selecting a provider for your med spa treatments is a personal decision and one that you should be comfortable with. 

That said, you should think of your aesthetic and wellness plans as an investment in your long-term care. Most of our patients would rather spend the time, money, and effort on treatments that will produce the best and longest-lasting results.

Designing Your Med Spa Treatment Plan

The ultimate benefit of working with a highly experienced medical professional isn’t just in the application of the treatment itself. It’s in the design and execution of your overarching treatment plan.

At a medical office like Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, you’ll not only have access to some of the best skincare experts in all of Cincinnati; but also the most advanced treatments and techniques only available to those that are able to achieve top industry and medical licensing. 

This level of education and experience allows us to design your holistic med spa treatment plan to meet all of your aesthetic, health, and wellness needs. We can masterfully and carefully craft a regimen of combination therapies, skincare product recommendations, and medical procedures that get you on track to becoming the truest and best version of yourself.

Factors to Determine Your Ideal Combination Med Spa Treatments 

There are a lot of factors that we will take into account when designing your custom med spa treatment plan. Read on to learn more about each as you begin thinking about your overall skincare, wellness, and aesthetic goals!

Medical History

First and foremost, our goal is to create an environment of comfort and safety. In order to do so, we’ll need to understand your medical history.

Our existing gynecology & integrative medicine patients often already have a close relationship with our providers with a detailed history on file, allowing us to get that much closer to their final plan, that much sooner.

During your initial consultation for med spa treatments in Cincinnati, you should consider bringing with you all of the following information:

  • Skin conditions & symptoms
  • List of current and past medications
  • Family history
  • Sexual health conditions (e.g., lichen sclerosus, vaginal dryness, etc.)
  • Hormone or thyroid issues
  • Recent blood work

This just further illustrates the importance of medical credentials held by your provider. 

The med spa treatments we offer are already highly vetted and determined to be safe for nearly all patients. But our team takes extra care to ensure we are not taking any risks with your individual skin or body. We diligently check your health information against the contraindications (signs you may not be a good fit or that complications may occur) of any procedure before recommending it.

Your Unique Goals

The women-led team at Amy Brenner MD, & Associates is centered around excellent patient care. And that starts with you! 

We value strong communication with our patients and strive to create a non-judgmental environment where both men and women can express their skin, body, and wellness goals—and receive expert advice on how to get there.

Whether you’re looking for skin maintenance, feminine rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments, or all of the above; we’ll help you break down each of your wants and needs into a practical plan that fits your timeline, budget, and lifestyle.

Skin Type & Tone

Certain skin types and tones lend better to specific treatments. Many of our skin treatments are FDA-cleared for use on certain Fitzpatrick skin types, for example. In addition, if you have dry, oily, or combination skin, we may recommend different products and treatments best suited to your unique needs, rather than simply selling the same product to every patient.

Current Skin Health

How much sun damage lies beneath the surface of your skin? Is your skin hydrated enough to handle certain treatments? During your initial consultation, we will closely analyze the skin of any problem areas you’d like. Only then can we determine which treatments to recommend, as well as which ones will help you invest in the long-term care of your skin’s health and youthful glow.

Your Timeline

The key to combining med spa treatments together is the order and timing in which we perform them. For example, you wouldn’t want to get a chemical peel three days before your wedding. But you also want to understand the right time to get that peel in order to achieve the best possible results for the day of your wedding!

By designing a custom med spa treatment plan that factors in the order and timing of each procedure, we’ll make sure you have attainable, safe results in the timeframe you’re looking for.

Time of Year

Your med spa treatment plan may look different depending on the time of year you get started.

For example, if you visit our Cincinnati med spa in the summer versus the winter, we are going to recommend you start with an entirely different set of treatments. That’s because frequent sun exposure can damage the skin after an exfoliating facial or peel, amongst others

If you start in the fall, however, we can recommend a fall skincare routine to first address recent or previously existing sun damage; and get your skin prepared for harsher winter months. 

Combination Therapies for Added Effectiveness

Some of the most popular combination therapies at our Cincinnati med spa include:

Botox + Filler
One of the most popularly combined aesthetic treatments in the world are Botox and filler. Dermal filler helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles that are already formed, whereas Botox relaxes the muscles that create those wrinkles in the first place. When combined together, both of these injectables create a smooth look and prevent future wrinkles from forming.

Microneedling + Radiofrequency
On its own, microneedling can help rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen production in a given area and help reduce texture, wrinkles, or scars. Add radiofrequency, a technique also known as RF Microneedling, can produce a skin tightening effect for enhanced outcomes.

IPL Photofacial + Laser Resurfacing
Photofacials apply light energy to the skin to help stimulate collagen production at a specific wavelength. Laser resurfacing does the same thing, but on a different wavelength. Combining these two treatments together over a short period of time can help rejuvenate the skin on multiple levels for long-lasting (and age-defying!) results.

CoolSculpting + Evolve
You’ve probably already heard of CoolSculpting, but did you know we can combine other technologies with your treatment to further enhance your results? One of our favorite follow-up treatments after a CoolSculpting session is the Evolve Tite & Tone. Evolve Tite remodels the skin by tightening loose or sagging areas. The Evolve Tone helps add definition to the muscles below the skin!

P-Shot + Z-Wave
One of the LEAST commonly known, but one of the most effective, combination therapies relates to sexual wellness. Z-Wave and P-Shot. Most people know Z-Wave as a way to reduce cellulite. But actually, combining Z-Wave with the P-Shot can help improve treatment by up to 300%! Most effective for overall men’s sexual wellness, this combination therapy can also help decrease plaque buildup as well as stimulate blood vessels and blood flow.

Votiva Laser + O-Shot
Votiva is one of the only feminine health devices on the market with FDA 510K clearance for Sexual Dysfunction and Stress Urinary Incontinence. We can add an O-Shot to this treatment to help increase the effectiveness of a single treatment.

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Our most popular med spa treatment add-ons include: 

A “CO2 Lift” in the form of a gel mask that we apply to the skin on the face; or a suppository we can use for intimate areas. Carboxy helps to increase healing and double’s skin hydration.

During a dermaplane treatment, we glide a surgical blade gently and pain-free across the surface of the skin to remove bacteria, debris, and peach fuzz.

A multi-step exfoliating medical facial safe for all skin types and tones that cleanses and purifies pores for a clean and fresh look.

There are a variety of benefits of PRP. In Cincinnati, few medical spas offer as high quality PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and PGF (platelet growth factors) as Amy Brenner, MD & Associates.

Medical-Grade Skincare Products
From moisturizers and serums to eye creams and masks, we often recommend implementing medical-grade products into your home routine to help maintain the results of your in-office treatments.

Featured Combination: Microneedling + Carboxytherapy

If you don’t yet know about the benefits of carboxytherapy, we’re about to introduce you to your new favorite microneedling add-on 😉

Microneedling was originally designed to better deliver professional serums and nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. 

Added post-treatment, carboxytherapy improves upon your results by stimulating blood flow and collagen production and speeding up healing time after treatment.

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Explore med spa treatments in Cincinnati at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates

Let our health experts help you build the perfect combination therapy plan for your needs. As a medspa and medical practice, we have the unique ability to not only boost your overall health, but also help you enhance your outer beauty with aesthetic treatments.  

We’re here to offer a warm, friendly environment while providing the highest quality aesthetic treatments and wellness plans to help you look great and feel great. No matter what, we will stick with you throughout your entire journey, because your goals are our goals. 

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