#56 – Reversing Your Chronic Stress with Dr. Robyn Tiger

#56 - Reversing Your Chronic Stress with Dr. Robyn Tiger

Chronic stress can be found at the route of many major diseases

Stress can show itself in multiple ways throughout your body and it sometimes feels like it mirrors the symptoms of life disrupting diagnosis.

Robyn Tiger, the Stress Free MD,  shares her journey of discovering where all of her unexplainable symptoms were stemming from and how she overcame the challenges that stress inflicted on her.  She shares tips on how to take care of yourself to help reverse the effects of chronic stress by taking care of your physical body and then addressing the mindset even with minimal amount of time.

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Dr. Robyn Tiger

Robyn Tiger, MD is on a mission to empower physicians with self-care tools backed by science and research. With physician burnout on the rise, Robyn knows firsthand what it’s like to love your job while also coping with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, imbalance and even illness.

Website: stressfreemd.net
Podcast: Stress Free MD
Instagram: @stressfreemd
Facebook: @robyntigerMD