#60 – Improving Women’s Mental Health with Dr. Anna Glezer

#60 - Improving Women's Mental Health with Dr. Anna Glezer

Baby blues, mood changes, anxiety; When changes to women’s hormones occur, it is important to make sure you’re receiving the help you need.

Dr. Anna Glezer talks in depth about the importance of receiving the help women need throughout their changing lives including through reproductive stages, pregnancy and through post-menopause.

She talks in depth specifically about Perinatal and Post Partum Mood and Anxiety (PMDD) and how to spot the difference between this and other common hormonal changes that occur. She discusses with Dr. Brenner what this condition feels like, when to seek additional help and what that help can look like, as well as offering her advice on how to prevent PMDD through self-care and promoting a good plan for the future.

They also touch on the changes that occur during the perimenopausal transition is often dismissed as a swift time period that happens over the course of a few months but this transition can take years to occur which leaves women feeling vulnerable.


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Dr. Anna Glezer
Dr. Glezer is a Harvard and UCSF trained reproductive psychiatrist who launched her clinic, Women’s Wellness Psychiatry, to help women across California struggling with mental health symptoms.
Website: Women’s Wellness Psychiatry
Podcast: Women’s Wellness Podcast
Blog: Mind Body Pregnancy


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