#62 – Pharmacists and Their Lawful Duties with Ray Carlson

#62 - Pharmacists and Their Lawful Duties with Ray Carlson

Do you know the difference between traditional retail pharmacies and compounding pharmacies?

Compounding pharmacies have become a more popular option for providers as they move towards more integrative medicine. Compounding pharmacies due to their versatile options, allow for very specific requests for medications to be made on the spot – rather than having to adjust retail medications to adhere to what the patients truly needs.

Ray Carlson, owner of a private compounding pharmacy in southwest Ohio, talks with Dr. Brenner about how these pharmacies are monitored, why they have become more popular in recent years and what compounded medications mean to the patient.

They talk in depth about the practices compounded pharmacies must adhere to versus their counterparts and the types of medications typically made.


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Ray Carlson
Ray Carlson is a Licensed Ohio Pharmacist who owns RC Compounding Services, he has been the Past President of The Ohio Pharmacists Assoc. and the past president of the Eastern Ohio Pharmacists Association. Now semi-retired he enjoys his time restoring old buildings in downtown cincinnati…currently on building #7. He is currently working on a book that details the pharmacy practices in ohio.