#9 – Get Glowing Skin Via Co2Lift with Lana Kerr – Ready Set Glow Pt. 1

#9 - Get Glowing Skin Via Co2Lift with Lana Kerr - Ready Set Glow Pt. 1

Summer glow up?!

In the first episode of the skincare series Ready Set Glow, Dr. Amy Brenner has special guest, Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque on to talk about her revolutionary Carboxy Therapy product Co2Lift for face and body treatment.

This unique topical formulation of Co2 has been introduced into home & office care to help in healing, hydration and helping to reverse the signs of aging.

Lana and Dr. Brenner go into the history, science and application of injecting carbon dioxide (Co2) in medical treatments starting in the 1930’s and into utilizing topically after years of research into the modern world of skincare. Touched on are recommended treatments, how to use Co2Lift & why getting it from a medical provider is the best option for anyone wanting to get the best results possible.


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