Procaine IV Therapy

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Procaine IV Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio

Neuronal Therapy

Procaine IV Therapy is the use of local anesthetic, Novocaine, to create a comprehensive healing system also known as neuronal therapy. This systematic therapy achieves a “whole body effect” that helps to reset the nervous system and can

help it to become calmer or less agitated.

What is Procaine?

Procaine, also known as Novocaine, is a local anesthetic agent which numbs tissue. When you use procaine in an IV infusion, it breaks down into 2 components, DEAE and PABA that reset the nervous system into a calmer state. Procaine can be used as an alternative (non FDA approved) to help with conditions such as nerve issues, tinnitus, mood disorders, cognitive issues, pain syndromes or any neurologic irritability. Procaine is well known as a safe and nontoxic local anesthetic; however, its therapeutic value extends beyond its local anesthetic effects.



Potential Benefits

  • Pain relief
  • Stimulant or relaxant depending on patient’s initial state and what they need
  • Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Relaxes smooth muscle
  • Vasodilator, antispasmodic effect
  • Resets involuntary nervous system
  • Therapeutic effect on the heart and vascular system
  • Blocks pathological reflexes triggered by the body and reactivates previously impaired bodily processes
  • Alters the functional state of the nervous system by reducing its instability, thus making it less sensitive to harmful stimuli

Procedure Time

30 – 40 minutes per session

Recovery Time

Minimal to none

Potential Side Effects

  • Redness or bruising at IV site
  • Sedative/drowsiness

Process & Results for Procaine IV Therapy

Step 1.

The Consultation

Your initial consultation with one of our providers for Procaine also known as Neuronal Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio will begin with a thorough look into your past medical and surgical history, family history, and current medications, with specific attention paid to the symptoms you are struggling with.

Step 2.

Weekly Infusions

We recommend coming in weekly for an infusion. The amount of time needed will vary per person but it typically takes 30 – 40 minutes per session.

Step 3.


Some people report feeling the effects from their initial sessions, with continued therapeutic results with weekly sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions.

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