A New Life With No Flow

For women, having a period is a fact of life. That said, not all periods are created equally. Some are consistently light, others are super heavy. Some enter after days of cramping, others unannounced. Some are vibrant and red, others are dull and brown.
While I don’t know any woman that rejoices when Aunt Flow drops by, for most women having a period isn’t that big of a deal. It’s more of a minor annoyance. And, then there is the other 30% of us. Those of us who, month after month, live in fear that our heavy flow will once again interfere with our jobs, our sex lives, our free time, and our confidence. Those of us who lie in bed dreaming of a life with no flow.
I’ve felt this way since the day that my period first showed up. I’ve always been a heavy bleeder. In high school, I remember having to call my Dad to pick me up from school so that I could go home and change between periods {no pun intended}. It was horrifying. Fast-forward to my college spring break. While all of my friends flaunted themselves on the beach in their skimpy swimsuits, guess where I was? Fully clothed, observing from a towel, because of course … it was time for my flow. And then there was that time that I became a doctor, and bled through my clothes, all the way on to my white lab coat. Yup.
The stories go on and on. To summarize, throughout my entire life my cycle has been a giant pain in the ass. It’s prevented me from participating in social activities, it’s held me back during vacations, and it’s caused me public embarrassment over an over again. And now, with a teenage daughter at home, I’m starting to see her go through the same thing. It breaks my heart. While I know having a period is just part of the female life journey, for many of us … it’s quite devastating.
Come 2012, I was 100% over my flow, I knew that I was done having children, and I was ready to have my life back. And so, I decided to undergo endometrial ablation to end the cycle once and for all. Five years later I’m happy to report that I haven’t produced a single drop of blood ever since. That’s right, a new life with no flow. I haven’t had use a single tampon. I haven’t had to wrap myself in a towel at my children’s swim meet to hide leaking. And, I can get through an entire month without fearing the arrival of my period. So much weight, off of my shoulders!
If you too suffer from heavy vaginal bleeding, you’re not alone, and you do have options. Contact Dr. Amy Brenner & Associates to set up an appointment so that we can assess your unique situation. We are happy to offer the MyFlow® procedure, as well as other alternatives to help you regain control of the flow.