Breezy Laser Hair Removal

“Sorry I didn’t shave.”
As a gynecologist this is probably one of the most common things that I hear from my patients when I greet them in the treatment room. Well ladies {and gents}, I am here to tell you that due to advanced technology you shouldn’t have to worry about shaving ever again. No joke. You can ditch the razors. You can forget about razor burn. And, next time you see me for your annual, you won’t feel the need to apologize. Not that you should anyways.
Not that long ago laser hair removal was a long and painful process. In fact, even though I’ve offered it for the past six years, I never quite grew the confidence to undergo the procedure myself. Luckily when the Syneron GentleMax Pro system entered the market, that all changed. This amazing new hair removal system is safe for all skin types, it’s effective, and the best part … it’s virtually painless.
Since we got this new device at Dr. Amy Brenner & Associates, I won’t lie I’ve become a little obsessed. I’ve had my own armpits and bikini area done. I’ve worked on my daughter. And, I even convinced my husband to give it a whirl on his chest and back. While my daughter and I could barely even feel anything, my husband said he was a bit uncomfortable. Between us, I think that has more to do with the fact that he was getting a MediSpa treatment than anything else {wink}.
After all, check out how breezy my latest bikini session went …

Walking away from it all, I have to say it’s liberating. I am one of those women “blessed” with course hair so shaving has always been a pain, especially during the summer months when I have to do it every single day to keep up. Now, after just two laser hair removal treatments I find myself only having to grab for my razor once a week. To say that I’m looking forward to finishing the process is an understatement. And once this summer tan wears off, I’m going straight for my legs!
If you too are ready to ditch shaving for life, do some initial research on our website, and then give us a call to set up your laser hair removal consultation. Getting your treatments done over the fall and winter will set you up perfectly for next summer. And, just imagine swimsuit season without any razor burn! Glorious.