How to Make Laser Hair Removal More Effective

how to make laser hair removal more effective

Many people go into a laser hair removal treatment expecting permanent results, yet they don’t take the time to ensure they are doing their part. Aesthetic treatments aren’t simply about going through the procedure and calling it a day. Laser hair removal is an investment that saves you a lot of time and money in the long run. To reap those prolonged benefits, you should take proper care of your skin and body at home so that you can maintain your gorgeous look for as long as possible.

Learning how to make laser hair removal more effective will help you achieve up to 80-90% hair reduction, and our expert at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates have all the details you need to know! 

Have realistic expectations 

You want to make sure you have realistic expectations. Do not let anyone tell you laser hair removal results in permanent hair loss because that may lead to disappointment. Candidates are people who understand they will see a significant improvement in the amount of hair growth, even if some still grows back.

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Understand who benefits the most from laser hair removal

Most people will benefit from laser hair removal, but you 100% want to consider the type of laser a provider uses. Some lasers only work well on people who are fair skinned with dark hair since laser hair removal targets the hair’s pigment while avoiding the pigment of the skin. When there’s a larger contrast between the color of the hair and the skin, the treatment works more effectively. However, more advanced lasers like GentleMax Pro have higher capabilities. 

Keep in mind that laser hair removal is not recommended for:

  • People who are pregnant
  • People with underlying skin conditions that could worsen with laser treatments
  • Clients with blonde, red, or gray hair, since there’s not enough pigment to target

Properly prepare for your laser hair removal treatment

To maximize your hair reduction benefits, be sure to follow the guidelines outlined during your consultation. We design these guidelines to make your laser hair removal treatment more effective for long-term results. 

Do not wax or pluck. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle. When you wax or pluck before your appointment, you remove the follicle, which reduces the treatment’s effectiveness. 

Shave the area. Waxing is a don’t, but shaving is definitely a must. If you have hair above the skin in the treated area, the laser may burn it and cause more harm than good. 

Let your tan fade or get a more advanced treatment. Laser hair removal targets the brown pigment melanin in the hair follicle. When you’re tan, there’s more melanin in your skin, so instead of leaving the skin around the hair unharmed, the laser may cause blotchiness and discoloration. However, when you opt for laser hair removal with an advanced device like GentleMax Pro, you don’t have to worry about tan skin. 

Follow post-treatment instructions

Your technician will tell you how to properly care for the treated area after you get laser hair removal. We can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to follow those instructions to get the most out of your treatment! 

In general, you should: 

  • Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for six weeks
  • Use broad spectrum SPF daily
  • Return within 4 to 8 weeks for their next session

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