Long Term Health & Beauty

Fall has arrived which means crisper air, crunchy leaves, and all things pumpkin {yum}. It’s also the season in which Kevin, myself, and our dog MJ celebrate our birthdays. MJ’s birthday party was last week, Kevin will officially turn one year older this coming weekend, and I’ll blow out my candles on October 12th.
How do we feel about it? Great.
As I age alongside the man that I love the most, with each year I feel more comfortable and more confident than ever. And, thanks to exercise, a balanced diet, and cosmetic treatments, I’ve been able to maintain my physical appearance as well.

That’s something that I’m proud of.
While we can all do our best to “age gracefully” the truth is that if we don’t invest in ourselves, time will make itself known – wrinkles, sagging parts, and a low sex drive. I am happy there are wonderful options to address these issues. So many simple treatments that can drastically alter the way you look and feel! After all if your car were rusty, you would fix it. If the roof of your house were leaking, you would patch it. And, if the paint on your walls were chipping, you would apply a new coat.
So, why don’t we all do the same with our own bodies?
I’ll admit that I use Botox and Fillers to get rid of wrinkles and smooth out my complexion. I’ve done the O-Shot to keep my sex life alive and well. I leverage laser treatments to remove the brown spots from the sun. I indulge here and there, but 90% of the time my diet is clean. I do it all, and as a result, here I am … middle aged, but looking and feeling like I am still in my thirties. Call it vanity, but I call in maintenance and I am happy with the results!

Long-term health and beauty is something that I take very seriously. Not just for myself, but for my family members, my patients, and even my dog as well. MJ’s regimen includes fish oil, glucosamine, and a multi vitamin to keep her system strong. She also exercises regularly and loves to swim. That’s my girl!
So, here we go. Another round of birthdays on the horizon. Cheers to looking good and feeling great, thanks to a balanced lifestyle and modern technology! What’s your secret to staying youthful both physically and mentally?