The Best Fall Moisturizer Chosen by Skincare Experts

It’s no secret that fall weather brings drier air. That only means it’s crucial to find the right moisturizer to replenish your skin’s moisture and maintain your skin’s glowing complexion. 
As medical skincare experts in Cincinnati, our team at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates has tested out a lot of moisturizers throughout the years. While some fall flat, there are others that stand above the rest. Keep reading for our top pick for the best fall moisturizer you should try this upcoming season. 

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What makes a great moisturizer?

The ingredients are what separates a good moisturizer from a great one. Especially with medical-grade products, high-quality moisturizers and creams use top-notch ingredients in concentrations that will actually make a difference. These ingredients may include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Glycerin
  • Ceramides
  • And more

Be wary of any product that is only filled with heavy oils that will sit on top of your skin without providing additional moisture. 

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Our pick for the best fall moisturizer: SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream

SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream is an ultra-rich moisturizer made with the best ingredients. It is designed to deeply penetrate the skin to provide intense moisture and smooth your skin. This cream contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins A and C and moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and algae extract.
Best for dry to normal skin, you can use this protect twice a day after cleaning, toning, and applying other treatment products. This is also a great product to use as a night cream in drier seasons, even if you have slightly oilier skin. 

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates can find the right fall moisturizer for you.

At the end of the day, everyone’s skin is different. While one moisturizer may work for one person, it might not be the best for your skin type. 
Let our skin experts help you find the best fall moisturizer for your unique needs and give you the skin you’ve always wanted. As a medspa and medical practice, we are uniquely equipped with the ability to not only treat your skin, but also help you maintain your overall health. 
We’re here to offer a warm, friendly environment while providing the highest quality treatments and procedures to help you look great and feel great. 
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