Labiaplasty Majora.

what is a labiaplasty majora?

Labia Reduction in Cincinnati OH

This elective, cosmetic gynecologic procedure reshapes the outer vaginal lips. The outer lips, known as the Labia Majora, can become elongated, saggy, bulge or appear asymmetrical. During a Labiaplasty Majora, Dr. Brenner will remove excess skin to reduce, reshape, and rejuvenate the Labia Majora.

what causes the outer lips of the vagina to enlarge and sag?

The Labia Majora may be asymmetrical or elongated since birth or puberty; however, the most common reason for the unsightly appearance is aging, but can also occur with pregnancy, childbirth, and women who have gained, then lost weight

(especially after weight reduction surgery). All of these conditions result in sagging, droopy labia that are aesthetically unpleasing and often sexually embarrassing.

Procedure Details

What it treats
  • Buldge in clothing
  • Uncomfortable sex
Procedure time
  • 1 hour
Side Effects
  • Swelling
  • Avoid tampons for one cycle
Recovery Time
  • 3-4 days on bed rest
  • Pain medications
  • 6-8 week full recovery

what can I expect from labia reduction?

Labiaplasty, or Labia Reduction, in Cincinnati is typically performed with local anesthesia and oral sedation; IV sedation is also available, if preferred, in our AAAASF accredited office surgical suite.

Process & Results

procedure process

Dr. Brenner utilizes the Ellman Surgitron, a unique instrument that has a cool tip, so thermal damage to the underlying tissue is able to be minimized or even eliminated. Many other surgeons use a running technique to save time, this leads to a scalloped appearance to the incision line. Dr. Brenner customizes our Labia Reduction in Cincinnati to your individual needs and expectations.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 1

precision & cutting

The Surgitron is unparalleled in its finesse and no-touch technique. The Ellman Surgitron provides superior precision and cutting (compared to a scalpel), less thermal injury, thereby promoting faster and less painful healing.

Step 2

radio frequency

Dr. Brenner’s technique also involves using radio frequency from the Ellman to heat the tissue underneath the skin, which results in tissue contraction for even more tightening and a long lasting effect.

Step 3


All sutures used in Labiaplasty are self-dissolvable and disappear within 6 weeks. This scar is often not seen at all. Individual or interrupted sutures are used.

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What Type of Anesthesia is Used?
I have heard of using fillers in the vaginal lips, why is Labiaplasty Majora superior to filler?

Injections and fillers have limitations and are not without risks of side effects. Fillers are expensive, temporary (fillers need to be redone approximately every 12 months), and can leave areas of irregularity and unsightly bumps if the material is not distributed evenly and at the appropriate depth. The ONLY permanent solution for elongated, saggy outer vaginal lips is the Labiaplasty Majora. This surgical rejuvenation procedure removes all of the unsightly, hanging skin along with some of the underlying tissue that has lost its ability to maintain resilience. The remaining connective tissue is then shrunken and firmed using specialized surgical techniques, followed by joining the refreshed skin edges together with fine dissolving sutures.

I’ve also heard of the Intima® Laser for labia tightening, what is the difference?

The Intima® utilizes a powerful CO2 laser to non-surgically tighten the labia and improve discoloration in the area. The ideal candidate for the external Intima® has very minimal excess, sagging labia tissue. The Intima® does not provide the dramatic result seen with Labiaplasty Majora.

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