What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty in Cincinnati OH

Also known as vaginal tightening or vaginal rejuvenation, Vaginoplasty is an elective surgical procedure to tighten the inner and outer muscles and structures of the vagina. Goal of Vaginoplasty is to enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. This is a procedure designed to improve sexual function, specifically by narrowing the diameter of the vagina. This result is a smaller, tighter opening AND vaginal canal.

This vaginal rejuvenation procedure in Cincinnati OH aims to tighten lax muscles and lax tissues. In addition, a Vaginoplasty removes excess vaginal skin to narrow the diameter of the vagina resulting in a smaller and tighter opening and vaginal canal.

why do women desire a vaginoplasty?

As we age, the tissue and muscles around our vagina become lax and the opening and canals become larger. As our male partners age, they often lose length and girth. This is called genital mismatch. Less friction during sex leads to decreased pleasure for us and our partner. Women with lax vaginal canals and gaping vaginal openings may also noticed vaginal flatus

(expulsion of trapped air from the vagina during or after intercourse). Vaginoplasty encompassing the FULL LENGTH of the vagina, treats vaginal flatus and enhances sexual gratification for both men and women by increasing friction experienced during intercourse. The procedure restores the vaginal and it’s supporting structures to a more youthful, “pre-pregnancy” state

Procedure Details

What it treats
  • Decreased pleasure
  • Lax vaginal canals
Procedure time
  • 2 hours
Side Effects
  • Most women require pain medication for 3 to 4 days. After this time, you may return to desk work, but recommend nothing in the vagina (intercourse, tampons, etc), no heavy lifting, no bathtubs/swimming pools for 6 to 8 weeks
Recovery time
  • After the procedure you will be given a cocktail of medications to help control pain, promote soft bowel movements, etc. Expect to spend the first three to four days following the procedure on bed rest.

how is vaginoplasty different from tightening the introitus?

When Dr. Brenner performs a Vaginoplasty, it encompasses tightening the full length of the vagina for complete vaginal rejuvenation. Plastic surgeons who have not had specific training in vaginal surgery, typically only tighten the first few centimeters of the introitus (or the opening). Dr. Brenner, a gynecologic surgeon who has performed vaginal surgeries for over 20 years, is able to offer full-length vaginal correction. Many plastic surgeons and general gynecologists perform a simple perineoplasty with excision of triangular pieces of vaginal and perineal skin and mistakenly label it as a Vaginoplasty. This will not give the vaginal tightness desired deeper into the vagina, thus will not give patients the full rejuvenation they desire.

Process & Results

The vaginoplasty surgery Process

Vaginoplasty is typically performed with local anesthesia, the Pronox and oral sedation. IV sedation is also available, if preferred, in our AAAASF accredited office surgical suite. Local anesthesia offers less risk of complications associated with general anesthesia, a faster recovery, and cost savings. Dr. Brenner has refined the in-office Vaginoplasty using Pronox(inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen) and microtumescent local anesthesia.


A vaginoplasty in Cincinnati OH procedure typically results in a tighter vaginal canal, which can help enhance sexual satisfaction, improve vaginal aesthetic and function.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Step 1


Dr. Brenner utilizes the Ellman Surgitron, a unique instrument that has a cool tip, so thermal damage to the underlying tissue is able to be minimized or even eliminated. The Surgitron is unparalleled in its finesse and no-touch technique.

Step 2

precision and cutting

The Ellman Surgitron provides superior precision and cutting (compared to a scalpel), less thermal injury, thereby promoting faster and less painful healing. All sutures used in the Vaginoplasty are self-dissolvable and disappear within 6 weeks. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours.

Step 3

local anesthesia

The tightening is done in the entire length of the vagina and not merely the opening few centimeters. This is done under local anesthesia with some sedation. However, Dr. Brenner has refined the in-office vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Cincinnati OH so that it does not require an IV and is done under mild sedation and local anesthesia.

Step 4

ellman Surgitron radio frequency

She uses the Ellman Surgitron Radio frequency device to make exceptionally precise and minimally traumatic incisions. This is a procedure that may be used for the enhancement of sexual gratification.

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Recovery After Vaginoplasty
Can Vaginoplasty be combined with other vaginal rejuvenation surgeries?

Absolutely, this procedure is often performed in combination with other types of cosmetic surgery such as Labiaplasty Minora, Labiaplasty Majora, Clitoral Hood Reduction, and Perineoplasty. May also be combined with the O-Shot® or other gynecologic procedures, such as MyFlow® or MyControl®.

I have heard of using the Intima® laser for vaginal tightening, how do I know if I am a better candidate for the Intima® or Vaginoplasty?

Although an individual consultation and exam is necessary to answer this question effectively, in general the Intima® CO2 laser is utilized for patients with “minor” vaginal laxity (for example women who have a vaginal diameter of 1 to 3 finger-widths). For women with who have more “moderate to severe” laxity (4 finger-widths or more), a Vaginoplasty is necessary to achieve desired tightening.

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