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Evolve before and after body contouring

You’ve worked hard in the gym, with your eating habits, and progressing your health to lose weight. But maybe you have skin laxity, stubborn pockets of fat, or cellulite that you’d like to improve. These concerns are common in people after weight loss, and one of the best solutions is body contouring with Evolve!

The specialists at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates explain how body contouring after weight loss works with this versatile, non-invasive treatment. 

Body contouring after weight loss with Evolve

Evolve by InMode is one device with different modalities, or uses: Tite and Tone. 


Evolve Tite uses radio frequency (RF) energy to deliver heat, triggering your body to naturally produce more collagen and elastin, which tightens the skin. 

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The Tite modality remodels skin by tightening loose, sagging skin tissue. This skin tightening treatment can treat loose skin on the tummy after pregnancy or weight loss, loose skin on the upper arms, and other troublesome spots.


Evolve Tone can add definition and enhance your natural physique by increasing muscle strength and tone. This modality uses electromagnetic technology to trigger muscle contractions. These contractions literally work your muscles, helping to tone and strengthen them—all in a non-invasive, easy treatment.

Why is Evolve ideal for after weight loss?

It’s important to understand that Evolve is not a weight loss treatment; it is a body contouring treatment.

Evolve Tone – Muscle Toning

Many people also experience skin laxity post weight loss. With Evolve Tite, you can firm skin in areas you’ve lost weight to further your results and enhance your figure.

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