A Medspa in Cincinnati Shares How to Maximize Your Treatment Results

Patient and provider discussing skincare at a medspa in Cincinnati

Do you want to get the most out of your medspa treatment? We know aesthetic treatments can get pricey, so we’re here to help you maximize your investment. 

Many people make the mistake of thinking 1 medspa treatment will give them long-lasting results. The truth is, if you want results to last, you must put in the effort to maintain them.

Amy Brenner, MD & Associates is a leading medspa in Cincinnati. Our team of experienced physicians, nurse practitioners, skin care specialists, and wellness coaches work together to create whole-body treatment plans to help you feel your best. With our experienced providers and effective treatments, we help patients feel their best. 

Here are our favorite tips to maximize your treatment results: 

1. Make the switch to medical-grade skincare

Medical-grade skincare is one of the best ways to make your results last longer. Medical-grade skincare products have prescription-strength ingredients, are backed by clinical research, and penetrate the skin deeper than anything you’ll find in a drugstore. 

Our favorite medical-grade products include:

  • Skinmedica®
  • Skinceuticals®
  • Obagi-Nu-Derm

Our experts can help you start a skin care routine to address your needs. Schedule a consultation at our medspa in Cincinnati to get started today. 

2. Protect your skin from the sun

UV light can quickly age your skin and shorten the length of your treatment results. To prevent this, you need to limit your direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily. When you can’t avoid the sun, plan ahead with sun protection—wear a wide-brim hat, use sunglasses, and bring an umbrella for shade. 

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3. Follow up with maintenance treatments 

Aesthetic treatments are not one-and-done procedures. It’s important to keep up with your at-home skincare routine and follow up with in-clinic maintenance to extend the life of your results. Get started today with personalized treatment recommendations with our virtual consultation tool. 

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We always work hard to create a personalized treatment plan for your needs. As a medical practice and aesthetics clinic in Cincinnati, we have the unique ability to boost your overall health and enhance your outer beauty with aesthetic treatments. 

We offer a warm, friendly environment while providing the highest quality treatments and wellness plans to help you look great and feel great. If you are ready to get started, schedule a consultation today.