Our Top 3 PRP Benefits: Why You Should Try Platelet-Rich Plasma

prp benefits

If you haven’t considered the amazing PRP benefits, then you could be missing out! Platelet-rich plasma has taken the medical and aesthetic industry by storm, allowing adult patients of all ages to experience great results. 

At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates we utilize PRP in a variety of our treatment options, from aesthetics to sexual wellness. Through our years of experience, we have seen just how PRP injections help our Cincinnati patients reach their short and long-term goals!

Benefit #1: PRP actually works

With so many new fads hitting the market, it can be hard to determine which treatments work and which ones don’t. However, PRP provides real results, not gimmicks. When you isolate PRP and inject it into other parts of your body, the area benefits from cellular growth, blood vessel formation, and collagen production. Because of this, medical professionals utilize PRP across different medical fields, including dermatology, sports medicine, orthopedics, and even medical aesthetics. 

Benefit #2: PRP is 100% natural 

Since platelet-rich plasma comes directly from your blood, you don’t have to worry about strange chemicals or solutions entering your body. Plus, with PRP injections you avoid the risk of allergic reactions or other side effects. 

Benefit #3: PRP treats multiple conditions

Platelet-rich plasma carries growth factors that enhance the functionality of cells they come in contact with. Therefore, PRP injections work for a variety of treatment areas. For example, injections into your face can boost collagen production for a more youthful glow while injections into the vaginal or penial area can help improve sexual performance. You can also combine PRP with traditional aesthetic treatments like microneedling!

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