#24 – A No Downtime Skin Renewing Treatment – PRXT-33 with Anastaysia Halytcka

#24 - A No Downtime Skin Renewing Treatment - PRXT-33 with Anastaysia Halytcka
Is conquering skin sag or Scarring and restoring skin appearance with a treatment requiring little (or no!) downtime actually possible?

PRXT-33 is here to challenge the status quo when it comes to aesthetic procedures. The intention of the treatment is to enjoy renewed skin and eliminate the need to recover for days at a time and skip the needles or scalpels.


Dr. Brenner talks with Anastaysia Halytcka, an expert in Functional Aesthetic Medicine and a national trainer for WiQo US, the company behind PRXT. This product -sometimes referred to as a “peel” -PRXT biostimulator treatment protocol actually isn’t that at all, but what is then? With a history built on creating a product to help burn victims heal their scarring, PRXT is said to concentrate deep into your skin skipping over the superficial layer of skin and helping renew deeper down.

Listen to find out how this treatment finally reached the U.S. from Italy, as Dr. Brenner and Anastysia discuss who this works best for,  the benefits and why PRXT is gaining more popularity in the United States.


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Thank You to Our Special Guest:

Anastaysia Halytcka