#26 – Staying Young Forever- BBL Treatments with Michael Van Lenten

#26 - Staying Young Forever- BBL Treatments with Michael Van Lenten

What if you could reverse the age of your skin plus target fine lines & brown spots using the power of light? There is a device that claims to stop the clock on aging skin…

The BBL™ treatment (Broadband light – not Brazilian Butt Lift…) is a major advancement in the skin aging aesthetics. It can treat a range of skin issues but one of it’s most popular treatments is called ForeverYoung. On the surface you can see visible changes but ForeverYoung was studied for over 10 years with Stanford Dermatology and they looked deeper into how this treatment was effecting skin on the cellular level.

Dr. Amy Brenner is joined by Michael Van Lenten to discuss what makes this the treatment for people wanting to reverse their signs of again or prevent it (called Prejuvenation!)

Listen to find out the differences between IPL and BBL’s and how this treatment is shaping the aesthetics world.



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