The Best Medical Aesthetic Treatments for Summer

best aesthetic treatments for summer

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to get started on your summer skincare plan. At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, our skincare specialists work with each patient to help them achieve the long-term goals. While finding the best aesthetic treatments for summer can be tricky, we make the process easy and hassle free! 

Laser skin resurfacing

It would be unfair to not start this list with laser skin resurfacing. However, you want to be careful when receiving laser treatments during the summer. That’s why we highly recommend getting regular treatments during the cooler months to prepare your summer skin. So by time summer rolls around, your skin will glow. 

With that being said…

We won’t say lasers are miracle workers, but they sure are close. Laser energy penetrates the skin to vaporize damaged skin cells. New cells “resurface,” helping you fight against dark spots, fine lines, and other visible signs of sun damage. 

Laser resurfacing options at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates: 

CO2RE CO2 laser skin resurfacing: uses laser technology to remove columns of sun-damaged skin. 

IPL Photofacial: goes beyond laser technology by penetrating the skin with intense pulsed light to target dark spots and visible blood vessels. 


Unlike the dermarollers you can buy for at-home care, true microneedling is the professional treatment that gives real skin rejuvenation results. Microneedling uses an innovative device with dozens of tiny needles to puncture the skin. The needles create micro channels that trigger the body’s natural healing process. As a result, it boosts cellular turnover and collagen production. We often pair microneedling treatments with skin-loving serums such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin C to give you the best age-rewinding results. 


If you have minor skin damage such as excess dryness and fine lines, then dermaplaning could work great for you. Dermaplaning uses a surgical-grade blade to gently scrape away dead skin build up. Plus, the treatment triggers the body’s healing process, which means you get a collagen boost and exfoliant in one session! 

Find the best medical aesthetic treatments for summer at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates 

Let our skin experts help you with your summer skin care routine and give you the skin you’ve always wanted. As a medspa and medical practice, we are uniquely equipped with the ability to not only treat your skin but also help you maintain your overall health. 

We’re here to offer a warm, friendly environment while providing the highest quality treatments and procedures to help you look great and feel great. 

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