What is Hormone Pellet Therapy in Cincinnati?

Your hormones play a crucial role in regulating your body’s daily functions. Whenever your hormones become imbalanced, everything else goes out of whack. Reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are no different. Fortunately, our doctors and nurse practitioners at Amy Brenner, MD & Associates have found that hormone pellet therapy in Cincinnati is a great solution to replenish reproductive hormone levels in both women and men.
If you’re thinking about getting hormone pellets, it’s important to stay informed before you schedule your first appointment. 

How does hormone pellet therapy work?

There’s some confusion on what hormone pellet therapy is. Basically, it’s a form of bio-identical hormone therapy, which delivers hormones that are molecularly identical to the hormones your body produces. 
Pellets are compounded estradiol (a form of estrogen) or testosterone that are about the size of a grain of rice. To insert the pellet into your body, a medical professional places testosterone +/- estradiol pellets through a small incision in the hip or buttocks. The procedure only takes about three minutes and is virtually painless. 

Benefits of hormone pellet therapy

Since hormone pellet therapy aims to balance hormone levels, both men and women can benefit from:

  • Increased libido
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat
  • Reduced risk for diseases such as osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s 
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Healthy blood sugars
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Less hot flashes/night sweats
  • More energy
  • Better sleep

Since the pellets release small amounts of hormones directly into the bloodstream, there’s less risk of inconsistent delivery. 

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