What is Labia Surgery?

Women who want to change the feel and appearance of their labia have a few excellent cosmetic gynecology options. These procedures require minimal downtime and can provide remarkable results for people experiencing discomfort or irritation because of elongated labia minora or majora.

At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, we perform both types of labiaplasty surgery. Cincinnati provider Dr. Amy Brenner is experienced at performing these and other types of cosmetic gynecology procedures.

Keep reading to discover how labia minora and majora surgery differ and to see if you could benefit from either (or both!) surgical treatments.

Labia Surgery | Cincinnati Options

Labia Minora Surgery

Labiaplasty minora can change the size and shape of the inner vaginal lips. Over time, or because of genetics or life experiences (like pregnancy and birth), labia minora can experience sagging or elongation. This can cause unpleasant sensations against clothing when exercising or during sex.

We can address labia minora skin laxity with 3 different procedures:

  • RIM labiaplasty
  • Barbie labiaplasty
  • Hybrid labiaplasty
Labia Majora Surgery

Labiaplasty majora can change the size and shape of the outer vaginal lips. Similar to the labia minora, the labia majora also can be impacted by genetics and life experiences.

Our labiaplasty majora surgery is similar to our other labiaplasty surgery in terms of duration and recovery time. It’s common for women to combine this surgery with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, like labiaplasty minora and clitoral hood reduction, to achieve an overall aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

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