Why Choose a Lichen Sclerosus Gynecologist Near You?

Lichen Sclerosus is a somewhat rare condition that, left untreated, can lead to severe discomfort and health risks. This makes it all the more important to go to a provider who knows the intricacies of the treatment area(s) and the disease itself.

If you may have Lichen Sclerosus or currently have a diagnosis, it’s advantageous to visit a Lichen Sclerosus gynecologist for several reasons.

A Lichen Sclerosus gynecologist is well-versed in this rare condition

Unfortunately, many doctors are not familiar with Lichen Sclerosus and may not accurately diagnose it. It’s also important to see a Lichen Sclerosus gynecologist because this provider has in-depth knowledge of the variety of symptoms and levels of this condition to create the best treatment plan for your needs. 

Many providers use the traditional treatment of topical steroids for Lichen Sclerosus. The problem of long-term steroid use is thinning of the tissue. Thin tissue can cause more issues in the future that patients may already be susceptible to, such as scarring, pain during intercourse, and infection. 

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A gynecologist with a background treating Lichen Sclerosus can employ a variety of treatments to best fit your needs. At Amy Brenner, MD & Associates, our providers often use a combination treatment plan to successfully treat patients, including laser treatments, PRP, bioidentical hormone therapy, lysis of adhesions, vaginal dilators, and Estrace or Estrogen cream. 

It takes an experienced provider to create the best combination of treatments to fit your needs based on your specific symptoms. 

A gynecologist knows how to treat the specific areas affected by Lichen Sclerosus

A good provider is not only extremely knowledgeable of the disease itself, but also of the areas the disease affects. Primarily, it impacts the vulva and anus areas. These delicate areas of the body require special care when receiving treatment. 

Someone with a background in gynecology offers the best of both worlds when it comes to treating Lichen Sclerosus. This type of provider knows the intricacies of vulvar anatomy, vaginal health, and can perform treatment techniques that other providers are not as skilled in.

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The doctors and providers at our practice have years of experience treating gynecological conditions. Patients travel from all over to receive treatments from our team, as our combination treatments are unique to other providers. 

Get yearly or twice yearly exams if you have Lichen Sclerosus to monitor changes 

Once you have a diagnosis of Lichen Sclerosus, you should have routine exams and a treatment plan to address this condition so it doesn’t worsen. 

Visit a Lichen Sclerosus gynecologist near you Amy Brenner, MD & Associates. 

We have patients who visit us from all over the country for our advanced Lichen Sclerosus treatments. Our team understands how difficult this condition can be on your health and wellbeing, and we work hard to create a personalized treatment plan for your needs and symptoms. 

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